Paris at the time of the Musketeers – 19th March 2016

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Sword and cape, bravery and unfailing friendship : this walking tour in the Latin Quarter will tell you the story of the Musketeers, known and loved all over the world, thanks to Alexandre Dumas. This flamboyant french writer was a real history geek, particularly knowledgeable about times of Louis XIV- the « Great Century ». The saga of the Musketeers will serve us as a framework to explore the real life, the challenges and the typical characters of that time.

Strolling through the little old streets of the Latin Quarter, we’ll follow an aristocrat with Athos, a professional soldier with d’Artagnan, a man of Church with Aramis and a bon vivant with Porthos. As we walk in their footsteps, we’ll discover how Paris, as the whole french society, was leaving the Middle Ages to enter the modernity.

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Irina KnellerIrina Kneller is a licensed guide, a journalist, and a literature freak. She walks Paris in all directions, chasing hidden urban gems, dusty librairies and spots for a great hot chocolat.
Meeting point: Pont Neuf, Statue of King Henri IV, métro Pont Neuf.
Beginning: 15:30
Average time:  2,5 hours
Up to 20 people.