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Parisian Passages Guided Tour


Guided tour at 10:30 AM on Monday, July 2nd

– Galerie Véro-Dodat
– Galeries du Palais royal
– Galerie Vivienne
– Passage des Panoramas
– Passage Jouffroy
– Passage Verdeau

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The Covered Passages are semi-private streets hidden at the heart of Paris, between the Grands Boulevards and the Palais Royal. Threatened with destruction, preserved and magnificently renovated, they house timeless boutiques—stamp collectors, curiosity shops, art dealers, and antique books. This tour takes you on a stroll through these luxurious galleries, away from modern life and noise, under the cover of glass.

Of over 100 galleries that were thriving in the 19th-century Paris, many fell into disrepair and were demolished over time. About 25 remain today, still featuring high-end shops and nifty restaurants under spectacular Belle Epoque arcades. It’s a gorgeous hideaway in the center of Paris, perfect for a rainy day… or simply for a little bit of peace and quiet.

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