If you want to visit Paris museums and monuments, you have a lot of possibilities… and not that much visibility. Having a good price is rather easy. Click, click, click, you go on booking platforms. And you will surely get the price you are looking for. They are so good at selling…

Then begin troubles. You have to queue before entering into your beloved museums or monuments. Oh! They didn’t tell you that when you bought your ticket, there is no fast-track access? At least, one hour for the Louvre, one to two hours at Versailles. Just remind you that winter is cold and summer is warm. Good luck for wasting your time. Not to talk about the expertise of the tour guide you will get… Do you know that many of them cannot speak in front of you at the Louvre, if they are not licensed tour guide? Wardens will expell them (and you with) if they are caught in the act. Quite embarrassing…

So let’s consider another solution: faster, less stressful.

As licensed tour guides, me and my colleagues are authorized to book and to guide you into all French museums and monuments, in French and English, always WITH skip-the-line access. Now that you know this option, what would like the most, queueing or visiting? It’s up to you!

Call me!