A private tour named desire

Visiting Paris museums and neighborhood with only your beloved one, your family or your friends is the best way to enjoy the “city of light”.

Knights Templar in Paris

Their tragic fate coincided with the rising of their legend. Fighting bravery, huge financial power, mysterious rituals, hidden treasure, unfair trials, cruel deaths, frightening curse… But reality is much more interesting than myths and legends. So follow the good guide. 

As a Private guide, I offer guided tours of museums, monuments and neighborhoods in and around Paris.  Choose for any of my private tours or request a tailored-made visit according to your needs.  Holding the National Guide License, I am authorized to guide you in many of the museums and national monuments, in French or English, always with priority access.


  It was wonderful

thumb Julie
9 June 2019

  Great tour with Thierry - in-depth knowledge!

thumb Martin
26 August 2019

  Thierry does a fantastic job explaining the complexities of politics and social history of the middle ages. As one can imagine, Modern Paris bears little resemblance to the city... read more

thumb Brian
6 June 2019

  He is a wonderful guide and made this a very personal experience.

thumb Tracy
16 September 2019

  My husband and I walked through parts of Paris with Thierry and we loved it. From the start Thierry was welcoming and accommodating with our booking. The tour took... read more

thumb Bronwyn
30 June 2019

  Thierry is awesome! I loved the tour. I really appreciated the tone he set with our group- very warm, casual, and participatory. He went out of his way to answer... read more

thumb Joe
25 December 2018

  Limited point of few. Ran out of time.

thumb Nancy
17 September 2019

  Nicest guy in Paris. Held our attention for hours, we learned interesting things, laughed...all around great experience. Highly recommended!

thumb Chris
27 December 2018

  Thierry is not only highly knowledgeable and passionate but he is also a very interesting and a nice person. Our family enjoyed getting to know him and thoroughly enjoyed the... read more

thumb Linda
28 June 2019
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