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As a Private guide, I offer guided tours of museums, monuments and neighborhoods in and around Paris.  Choose for any of my private tours or request a tailored-made visit according to your needs.  Holding the National Guide License, I am authorized to guide you in many of the museums and national monuments, in French or English, always with priority access.


SalvatoreSalvatore – November 2018
Thierry is very knowledgeable about the topic. The tour visit was great and he managed to make us visit all relevant places and, above all, provided us all the info needed. He described events distinguishing what was proved by evidence from legends. Highly recommended!

EmilieEmilie – October 2018
Our time with Thierry was a wonderful way to start our vacation. We stepped off the plane at 8am, jet-lagged and groggy, but then we met Thierry! He took us on a wonderful tour, focused on the Knights Templar, but also pointed out fascinating other tidbits of history along the way. Thierry is quite the storyteller – we forgot how tired we were! I encourage anyone interested in the Knights Templar or the Accursed Kings series to book this tour with Thierry – you won’t regret it!

Alma CeliaAlma Celia – October 2018
We loved the night tour! Thierry was exceptionally accommodating to our schedule. He was also superbly knowledgeable about the history and contemporary theories of the knights Templar. We learned a lot and had a great time!

3 août 2018
Thierry showed us a whole side to Paris we’d never see otherwise, discovering the layers of history visible yet hidden. It was a heat wave in Paris, and he adapted his tour to take in our interests and the heat. His passion for the history of Paris was infectious.

SusanSusan – October 2018
Thierry provided great insight into the Knights Templar. He discussed the facts vs. fiction. The walk was very informative. At Notre Dame he pointed out many small facts that generally go unnoticed. Our walk lasted about three hours. I would recommend this tour if you have any interest in history!

October 2018
This is an amazing tour through medieval Paris, no matter how much you know about the Knights Templar or not. Thierry is a wonderful story teller and supplies all the information you need before setting out upon a journey to discover the rest. Along the way, you get to see several Paris landmarks but within the context of (Phone number hidden by Airbnb) AD which is a viewpoint not usually given in a city of this age. We cannot recommend this experience enough. Thank you!!!

Knights templar reviewPeter
13 septembre 2018
“Very interesting journey through the Paris of the Templars in the 12/13th centuries.”

Knights templar paris reviwEsther
4 septembre 2018
“Thierry was very personable, humorous in the right places and his knowledge of the Templars was very impressive. This was not one of those boring tours – but one of insight, accurate history and he brings it all to life! Imagine standing in places where amazing events happened – amazing! Magnifique! If this time period interests you don’t miss it!!!”

ElenaElena – novembre, 2018
Really enjoyed our tour. Thank you so much✨
Aaron & MadisonAaron & Madison – November 2018
Thierry is a rock star, and a true historian in the tradition of Thucydides. His genuine passion about his subject matter made this tour an unforgettable experience.
October 2018
We did about a 2 hour, few mile, walk around Paris with a starting lesson about the Templars. A few of the spots were directly about the Templars and a few were just to show the period or concepts they were dealing with. It was nice to have a small group experience.

BitsyBisty – October 2018
Wow! This was money well spent! I have been to Paris many times and tonight learned so much more. So glad I took the night tour. That was great, being out and seeing so much of Paris at night. I had been really curious about who the Knights Templar were, especially their Paris connection. Thierry was the perfect person to ask. He speaks excellent English, by the way. I highly recommend this tour.

Knights templar testimoniesMiyu
10 septembre 2018
This tour was very informative and fun. We throughly enjoyed it. Walking through streets of Paris with a different perspective made our trip more interesting! We highly recommend this tour!

Knights templar testimoniesTerri
4 septembre 2018
The Knights Templar tour was great! Thierry is very informative and entertaining. His passion for the subject is clear. He has a photo book that helps recreate the sites and history. Every visitor to Paris should consider taking in some of the city’s history with a guide at least once. Thierry makes this fun and convenient.

14 juillet 2018
Fascinating! It was just the two of us on the tour so really personal, answering all of our questions. Thierry was so enthusiastic as well as knowledgeable about his subject and very generous with his time too (we asked so many questions!). I highly recommend him.

8 juin 2018
If you are curious about the Knights in Paris, take Thierry’s tour! He is so friendly & knowledgeable! We covered streets I never knew existed, and I have lived in Paris on and off for over a decade! It was like a private tour! We walked for 2 hours, it rained a bit, no bother … we just ducked into some churches and ended in a beautiful cafe. Thank you, Thierry!

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