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Thierry do Espirito Tour guideI am an insatiable Paris lover and a writer of history books. As many Parisians, I was not born in Paris but moved here by choice, as a student. I never left since. I am passionate about history. Who wouldn’t be, coming from the beautiful area of Touraine, in the Loire valley, where one can’t make a step without stumbling upon some old castle?

I am published writer (L’Histoire c’est trop conHistory By Mistake, 2013; Deux dans l’enfer—Two Tickets To Hell, 2014; La sexualité dans l’Egypte antique—Sexuality in Ancient Egypt, 2015; Lettres interdites—Stolen letters, 2016, The Knight Templars, 2018). My modus operandi is connecting dots and turning facts into a captivating story.

Private guide Paris LicenseAs a licensed, private tour guide, I provide private tours of museums, monuments and neighborhoods in Paris and around. You can choose into the program below or request a personalized visit according to your needs (see some requested and personalized visits here). Holding the French National Tour Guide License, I am authorized to book and to guide you into all French museums and monuments, in French and English, always with skip-the-line access. 

For business visits and conferences, Learning Expedition and Executive Learning

Museums and monuments

Louvre museum private tour (only you and your loved ones)
Louvre museum (3 hours, 25 masterpieces + Napoléon III apartements)
Versailles Palace.
Versailles Palace + gardens, Trianon, Marie-Antoinette’s hamlet.
– Notre-Dame (Inside, Towers)
Sensuality and Pleasures of Ancient Egypt (The Louvre, Department of Egyptian Antiquities)
– Orsay Museum
– Sainte-Chapelle & Conciergerie (prison of Marie-Antoinette)
Giverny: Claude Monet’s house and gardens
– Catacombes
– Parisian Passages
– Musée des Arts et Métiers (Industrial design museum)
– Street art tour
– Basilica of St-Denis (burial place of the Kings and Queens of France)
– Château de Vincennes (royal fortress of St-Louis and Charles V)

Visite guidée Templiers à ParisNeighborhoods of Paris

– Montmartre
– Marais
– Latin Quarter
In the footsteps of the Knights Templar in Paris, unique, original guided tour.

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