Original, off-the-beaten tracks tours in Paris

Knights Templar in Paris
Unique, original guided tour to finally know the true history of the Knights Templar, and discover how was organized the most famous military and religious orders. In the old streets of Paris, you will cross the road of famous people such as Philip the Fair, Jacques de Molay, or Saladin. So… follow the guide, it’s me! Based on my book “Knights Templar for Dummies”, published by First Editions.

– Sensuality and pleasures of ancient Egypt
(The Louvre, Department of Egyptian Antiquities)
About ancient Egypt, we know pharaohs, mummies, hieroglyphs and temples, frozen gods, hieratic statues. But even the great Champollion has made us secretive about the sensual and sexual life of this exceptional civilization … I will guide you into the alcoves of ancient Egypt. A visit that teems with anecdotes as saucy as historical.

– Montmartre
– Marais
– Latin Quarter

– Street art
– American in Paris

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