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3 août 2018
Thierry showed us a whole side to Paris we’d never see otherwise, discovering the layers of history visible yet hidden. It was a heat wave in Paris, and he adapted his tour to take in our interests and the heat. His passion for the history of Paris was infectious.

1 juillet 2018
Thierry was a friendly and extremely knowledgeable guide. He got our group engaged and talking from the first minute. He dispelled myths, imparted knowledge, and made a hot afternoon in Paris enchanting. If you are a history buff or just a wannabe, Thierry will provide you with answers and knowledge you’ve been seeking. Take his tour should you find yourself in Paris, it was wonderful.

14 juillet 2018
Fascinating! It was just the two of us on the tour so really personal, answering all of our questions. Thierry was so enthusiastic as well as knowledgeable about his subject and very generous with his time too (we asked so many questions!). I highly recommend him.

8 juin 2018
If you are curious about the Knights in Paris, take Thierry’s tour! He is so friendly & knowledgeable! We covered streets I never knew existed, and I have lived in Paris on and off for over a decade! It was like a private tour! We walked for 2 hours, it rained a bit, no bother … we just ducked into some churches and ended in a beautiful cafe. Thank you, Thierry!

Mes livres pour apprendre et se distraire

Les lettres interdites


Ces correspondances confisquées de soldats avec leurs familles ou leurs proches, en 1917, est enfin –symboliquement– livrée ses destinataires. Des vies, des destins révélés.  Un témoignage vibrant, unique, essentiel…
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Pharao-nique !


Ce nouveau regard (p)osé sur la société égyptienne est bien loin des clichés historiques de nos manuels scolaires. Des Dieux bêtes de sexe aux pharaons polygames, un livre plein d’anecdotes historiques.
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L’histoire c’est trop con !


Un destin peut basculer : gaffe, oubli tragique, maladresse hilarantes ou terrifiantes… Loin des épopées et des portraits héroïques, découvrez l’Histoire autrement et la petite histoire des mythes intouchables.
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Deux dans l’enfer

Chassés de leur pays par le nazisme, Gerta et Endre débarquent à Paris dans le Montparnasse des années 1930. Ils inventent alors le personnage de Robert Capa
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thierry: private guide in Paris

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